The inspiration for Silk Chassis

Silk Chassis was inspired by a desire for beautiful, distinctive clothes and accessories expertly handcrafted by artisans who have evolved textile traditions and use the finest natural fibres.

The challenge of finding those craftspeople and small entrepreneurs, in cooperatives, maze-like markets and workshops in India and Laos, turned out to be a pleasure – albeit often a sweaty and exhausting one! And impossible without a myriad cups of recharging chai.

Buzzing in a battered fiat through sultry haze and hullabaloo may sound romantic. But behind the languid banana fronds, flamboyant architecture and shimmering saris is a slow, painstaking story. Silk Chassis is the result of determination, curiosity and discovery. And the belief that exceptional craftsmanship merits, and will find, a growing audience of discerning clients.

I discover artisans who handweave silk, cotton, wool and pashm (the finest goat hairs for pashmina) into beautiful scarves and shawls. They use traditional techniques unique to their region, with a rich history.  Some are reviving the practice of dyeing using plants and other natural sources of pigment.

It has taken several years, off and on, to reach this stage. It’s an exciting, ongoing experiment. We offer stunning scarves and shawls at reasonable rates for the high quality. Depending on the technique and complexity of design, a scarf takes at least a day and up to a week to complete. If natural dyed, the batch will be small as the yarn for each scarf is coloured together, in a vat stoked and stirred by a master dyer, to ensure consistency.

I hope you enjoy wearing or giving a Silk Chassis textile. Feel free to let me know what you think. Your feedback is very welcome.