Glow wild this summer with our Saraswati limited edition silk scarves

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 .

Let’s be honest, the Glow Wild series probably isn’t for the shy and retiring. But for the exuberant, these vivid colourways are sure to set your summer ablaze.


Glow Wild is a limited edition series in our bestselling Saraswati Silks range. Each of these pure silk scarves, handwoven in northern India, combines two shimmering colours.


Choose from Spring Green, Gilded Saffron, Celestial Jade or Pink Blaze. Each is bright, bold and beautiful.

Saraswati - spring green      Saraswati - gilded saffron

These intense colourways are the antithesis of delicate pastels (pretty or sappy, depending on your taste). Clothes shops use bright pieces to lure customers in - but many people end up settling for ‘safe’, sombre hues.

Glow Wild is for those who don’t want to live life in navy. Dare to dazzle, whether you’re heading to a festival, sunny climes abroad or a very British day out.

There’s only six of each Glow Wild colourway. So to be audacious, you must also be quick!

Saraswati - pink blaze      Saraswati - celestial jade

Like all Silk Chassis’ scarves and shawls, Saraswati Silks are handwoven. They come from Varanasi, ‘the city of light’, renowned for its spirituality and learning. So too for its silk weaving tradition.

The early morning light in this ancient city beside the sacred Ganges is fabled. So it’s fitting that Varanasi is the origin of our Saraswati Silks range including the limited Glow Wild series.