New scarf ranges

We discover skilled artisans in Asia who handweave beautiful scarves. Silk Chassis regularly launches new ranges, woven from different natural fibres and traditional techniques. Each has a unique story.

Let’s be honest, the Glow Wild series probably isn’t for the shy and retiring. But for the exuberant, these vivid colourways are sure to set your summer ablaze.


Glow Wild is a limited edition series in our bestselling Saraswati Silks range. Each of these pure silk scarves, handwoven in northern India, combines two shimmering...

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 .

Fashionistas often talk of ‘wardrobe staples’. But who covets such dull and worthy garments?

Even if you do have a slew of sensible staples, or perhaps are just bored by your clothes, worry not. No need for a wardrobe makeover – Silk Chassis has the perfect, painless solution – a two-tone silk scarf from our Saraswati range.