Saraswati – a two-tone silk scarf for every occasion

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 .

Put some colour in your life with a two-tone silk scarf from our Saraswati range.Fashionistas often talk of ‘wardrobe staples’. But who covets such dull and worthy garments?

Even if you do have a slew of sensible staples, or perhaps are just bored by your clothes, worry not. No need for a wardrobe makeover – Silk Chassis has the perfect, painless solution – a two-tone silk scarf from our Saraswati range.

We call it a wardrobe wonder – Saraswati reversible silk scarves are strikingly beautiful, add pizzazz to multiple outfits and adapt equally to office or evening.

Each jewel-coloured scarf, in contrasting tones front and back, is skilfully handwoven by weavers in the sacred city of Varanasi, northern India.

There’s so many special features of our Saraswati scarves we’ve put together a series of blog posts that describe the fascinating details of these handwoven gems.

Unsurprisingly Saraswati silks are Silk Chassis’ bestseller. But honestly, we don’t know whether it’s their fabulous colours, incredible lustre or comforting softness that make them so - we’ll let you decide.