Silk scarves by colour

Silk scarves by colour
Silk Chassis’ silk scarves radiate across the colour spectrum – by turns stunning or subtle. We regularly add new colourways too.

Silk Chassis’ coloured silk scarves radiate across the rainbow – by turns stunning and subtle.

What’s more, with Saraswati Silks – our bestselling reversible scarves – it’s like having two scarves in one! Each of these remarkable coloured silk scarves combines two distinct tones - contrasting or complementary – and are guaranteed to attract admiring glances,

Silk Chassis’ Guanyin coloured silk scarves are also handwoven - but have a very different look and feel. That’s because they are made from Laos silk – often called ‘raw silk’ - which creates scarves both soft and structural.

Laos silk is renowned for its ability to absorb colour - brilliantly. The effects are elegantly lustrous colours, each painstakingly derived from the natural dyes of fruit, bark and plants.