Searching for a black silk scarf ?

Scientists say black is not a colour; artists – like fashion lovers – would disagree. Ever since Coco Chanel created the original ‘little black dress’, revolutionizing women’s style in the late 1920s, black has been firmly on fashion’s agenda.

Even if you don’t own a LBD, black likely features in your wardrobe. And if you prefer bright colours – a black silk scarf is the perfect foil. Particularly a two-tone scarf in which charcoal black contrasts with striking pink, red, mauve, aubergine, turquoise, bronze, emerald…

That’s the joy of Silk Chassis’ unrivalled Saraswati silk scarves: two shimmering tones of lustrous silk, handwoven in India’s sacred city of Varanasi, renowned for its textile heritage. For a stunning black silk scarf, look no further…

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