Silk Scarves

SilkChassis specialises in unique hand woven scarves from the far east. Our ranges of 100% pure silk include the reversible Saraswati and the delicately decorayed Guanyin.

Saraswati's silks glimmer like diamonds among dullards! Finely handwoven in a dozen glorious colourways, these are the queen of silk scarves: sophisticated, stylish and versatile. Popular among men and women, Saraswati silks are suitable for dressing up and down, bringing that elusive laid-back luxe, whether to jeans and jacket or a smart suit.

Guanyin scarves offer a unique look and feel. Charming, subtle designs are brilliantly woven in Laos silk - renowned for its texture and ability to absorb colour. Natural dyed with plants, fruits and bark, these exquisite scarves are a treasure from South East Asia's rich textile heritage.

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